The Children's Memorial Walkway is a place of art and trees dedicated to the memory of all children who have passed away. It has become a very important landmark in our Community. After the untimely death of a young girl, as the result of an accident, the walkway has become a place of peace and tranquility for those in our area who have lost a child far too early in life.


To lose a child to death is a parent's worst nightmare. When that happens, there can be a darkness that descends, a shadow that can blanket an entire person, family and community. In that sorrow there is a need to remember, celebrate, honor, talk about and share the life of that child. Each year, a remembrance ceremony is held for families and friends to remember, mourn and celebrate the lives of their children. Lining the walkway of the garden are bricks inscribed with a child's name as a memorial.


Anyone may purchase a memorial brick to add to the walkway, purchase a T-Shirt or make a donation to the Children's Memorial Walkway.  Please visit our Memorial Brick/Donation page.




Memorials Not Pictured:

Amanda Leigh, Adalynn Lou, Baby Mathis, Bernard Carter, Carlin James, Crystal, Matt Ahrends, Joshua Barbe, Taylor Bear, Marc Blikre,  Nate Block,

Camden Bowker, Brett Brady, Lance Brady, Summer Britton, Ron Brock, Zachary Bruns, Andrea Renee Cannon, Bryce Chavers, Delaney Coleman,

Gabriella Grace Curtis, Gavin James David, Levi Davis, Loren Diede, Logan Dobkins, Devyn Drum, Michael J. Eckenrod, Jr., Freddie "Laur" Eddy,

Halle Mae Edwards, Shane Allen Endicott, David Engel, Preston Engel, Kennedy Dawn Fickel, Jeremy Forquer, Danny Gawronski,

 Tristan Giddens, Madison Gross, Ben & Anna  Holland, Jimmy Houle, David Houle, Trey Anthony Hultgren,  Paul “PJ” Anderson Hultgren, Chris Martin Johnson, Cassidy King, Greg Kranzler,Shyann Lenz, Hunter Lewis,  Tyler Lubkeman, Morgan McLeland, Trista Meyer, Crimson Skye Mills,

 Jennifer Morfeld, Shawn Myers, Trevor O'Brien, Kelly Obermire, Savanna Obermire, Sheldon Perkins,  Grace Poppenhagen, Kyle Rehbein,

 Kandida Rehbein, KC Rehbein, JoAnn Rice, Danielle Rice, Calvin Cace Rodgers, Demitria Rose, Grace Ann Rothleutner, Jones Gray Stratton,

 Harold L. Welper, Travis Werner, Carl Woods, Weldon Yerdon III




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